Arshad Sharif's Mother Rejects Inquiry Commission Formed By PM Shehbaz

Arshad Sharif's Mother Rejects Inquiry Commission Formed By PM Shehbaz
The mother of slain journalist Arshad Sharif who was murdered in Kenya a week ago, has rejected the inquiry commission formed by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, terming it 'contradictory' to his earlier announcements.

Speaking to the media on Monday, she asked the government not to politicise the murder of her son, and expressed disappointment over the three-member inquiry commission formed by PM Shehbaz.

She demanded that a 'High Power Judicial Commission' or a United Nations Human Rights Commission be formulated to probe into the unfortunate incident. She said it was necessary for the family of the targeted journalists as well as the journalist community to trust the commission probing the incident.

The mother of the late journalist went on to say that the grief and pain the family was going through right now should not be intensified, and instead, justice should be meted out to the family.

Accusing the government of registering 'fake cases' against Arshad all over the country, thereby forcing him to leave Pakistan resulting in his murder in Kenya, she said the commission formed by the government consisting of two subordinate governmental officials and one retired Justice would be unable to conduct the free and independent probe required by Arshad's family.

She demanded that PM Shehbaz stand 'true to his word' and conduct a proper detailed investigation into the murder of Arshad Sharif.