Letsremotify And Elevate Partner Up To Provide Free US Bank Accounts In Pakistan

Elevate and letsremotify have recently announced a strategic partnership between both parties, impacting extensively on the freelancers and remote workers to get facilitated through the innovative payment platform that allows the opening of FDIC-insured USD bank ...

Letsremotify And Elevate Partner Up To Provide Free US Bank Accounts In Pakistan

How does letsremotify Guarantee a Promising Future for Pakistani Freelancers?

Letsremotify’s AI-powered marketplace proudly conveys its vision of UNDP goals compliance where the company strives to bring a sustainable and equitable remote work environment, eradicating poverty, improving the employment rate, and encouraging gender equality while bridging any kind of differences and inequalities. Right now, letsremotify is offering 1000+ open positions with candidates having 500+ skills. Many technical positions are available like Web Developer, UI/UX Designer, Full Stack Developer, and AI/ML Engineer, etc. While upholding such a broader humane perspective, letsremotify aims to provide a fruitful platform for Pakistani freelancers, providing them an equal opportunity and targeting a goal of Pakistan’s overall progress and prosperity. You can now apply as a talent on letsremotify, thus signing up with the right platform to showcase your skills beyond borders. 

How does Elevate Bring the Right Payment Breakthrough in Pakistan?

Overall freelancers in Pakistan are faced with real-time challenges in receiving USD payments, supporting their professional ambitions, posing a consistent obstacle in the global market, and playing a critical role in their growth. Now you can forget the hassle of Payoneer or Wise payment transfers, or are you still on the brink of waiting for the launch of Paypal in Pakistan? You need not worry at all!

Elevate is the right Fintech platform integrated with Y Combinator, starting from Egypt and finally launching in Pakistan to elevate Pakistan’s economic graph and contribute to its success through brilliant freelancers and remote employees, working at their best pace, partnered with letsremotify. Ever since Elevate has gone live, it has opened more than thousands of USD accounts, processing more than $500,000 in monthly deposits, showing month-on-month deposit growth of 100% by raising more than $6 million to date. Moreover, all accounts are promised to be FDIC-insured, guaranteeing the full security of funds up to $250,000, and providing account holders with comprehensive confidentiality and security for their smooth financial transactions.

How Does the Magic of Remote Work Elevate With Our Partnership?

The Co-founders of letsremotify Muhammad Mehroz Khan (CEO) and Hamza Tahir (CTO) believe in providing equal opportunity to the top technical talent pool of remote workers; the vision of letsremotify aligns with the conviction that Elevate (YC W22) can bring transformative revenue to the freelancing industry, thus exponentially boosting the socioeconomic graph of Pakistan’s sinking economy. Together, these companies are joining hands where the Co-founder of Elevate (YC W22) Khalid Keenan (CEO) is strongly delighted by the talent of Pakistan and how his company can contribute to letting the freelancers/ remote workers open a USD bank account successfully, resulting in the mutual growth of Pakistan’s IT and Fintech industries. 

Let’s Ignite the Spark of Your Remote Dream Job in 2024

Together letsremotify and Elevate (YC W22) understand your pain points to deliver a solution that promises a future brighter than their imagination, provided that you are registered on the letsremotify platform, with benefits mentioned below:

●       There is zero cost in joining the Elevate (YC W22) via letsremotify

●       Signing up is easy and user-friendly for all freelancers or remote workers

●       You can get a virtual USD debit card to utilize for your transactions

●       No subscription fee is charged

●       No hidden or transactional charges are deducted from your account

●       Affordable Forex Exchange rates are offered while giving you a spot rate (inter-bank USD rate)

●       Cost-effective transfer rates to the local PKR currency

“We, at letsremotify, aspire to achieve heightened economic success to elevate remote workers and freelancers from their crucial challenges, ensuring the accomplishment of their ambitious dream jobs by joining our platform where we partner with top companies like Elevate (YC W22) - opening USD bank accounts, to bring a revolutionizing transformation in the economy of Pakistan. We believe in providing the best employment chances to land secure remote jobs with highly competitive employers all over the world, hence shaking hands for an equitable remote world, where inequalities do not matter and a just work culture is fostered beyond any limitations.”

(Hamza Tahir - CTO letsremotify)

A Perfect Opportunity for Remote Workers at letsremotify
However, with a highly optimistic opportunity of working at your own pace, from the ease of your comfort zone, and becoming your own boss, you can harness the power of unstoppable freelancing and remote working while converting it into your dream of success through this awesome opportunity and signing up with letsremotify to avail the benefits of Elevate payment venture. Now you can dream big with letsremotify and ElevatePay.

Nothing can stop you from reaching your highest potential by signing up for a US Bank Account in 24-Hours on your iOS and Android mobiles