Such Gup

Such Gup

Withdrawal symptoms

We hear the former chief adjudicator is suffering from withdrawal symptoms. He has asked the government to restore his cavalcade of armoured vehicles and the security protocols that he thinks continue to be his due. While The Man of Steel is said to be “looking into it”, there’s no mad rush to do as the former chief asks. He is also said to be building a large and plush home on Lahore’s most expensive real estate, cheek by jowl with a former colleague and activist adjudicator. This does not prevent him from hankering after the glory days; they say he wants to set up a foundation related to issues of law and justice. Sadly, there are no takers for this, other than one solitary leader of the erstwhile lawyers’ movement. A catty commentator proclaimed, “perhaps the former adjudicator should set up a suo motu foundation!”

Permanent presence

The famous holy man who was a permanent presence in Hubby’s Presidency has become the mascot of the current incumbent too. He was made a permanent employee of the Presidency in the last dispensation and has been spotted whispering incantations around the new gent, assuring him of longevity, success etc etc.


Why did Mr Bean feel compelled to cancel many new years events in Isloo, and that too at the eleventh hour? We hear people had bought passes for up to Rs 15,000 each for events at hotels, which were cancelled on two hours’ notice. Private residences were also not immune from this vigilantism; police arrived in droves to ask questions wherever a line of cars was parked or wherever they heard loud music. There are very few opportunities for joyous expression left in this poor, benighted country. Mr Bean should not add to our woes by being a killjoy.