Such Gup

Such Gup

Themed wedding

A former Premier’s nephew is about to have a fabulous themed wedding. A teaser video has been released giving notice of the upcoming event. In the video, the pony-tailed groom, with a lush growth of facial hair, is dressed in black and white, astride a beautiful stallion, galloping up and down his estate, pompously proclaiming himself to be a Rajput. (BTW, it’s the only Hindu zaat Muslims will proudly acknowledge as descendants). The background music is a symphony of drums, trumpets and heartbeats. And is that a PPP flag fluttering on his mock castle? Big Ben must be cringing up in the heavens. Anyway, the young Rajput is going to have a thoroughly OTT wedding, themed on the Bollywood flick “Bajirao Mastani”. Lucky invitees!

High drama 

Speculation is rife regarding The Brothers Sharifovs’ trip to the Land of Sand. From answering the call of prosecutors probing the business dealings of their “kafeel” or partner, to The Man of Steel delivering a charge sheet against this conspirators, to working out the details of an NRO, it’s been high drama for days. About time The Brothers came out with the truth. One factoid: the airplane sent for Sharifov The Younger is a protocol plane, one of many in a fleet owned by Al-King’s office. We hear General Bobby uses it too, when need arises.

Wonders never cease

In Bal, Pakistan’s largest province, an intricate game is being played, with the late lamented Big Ben’s Hubby at the heart of it. We hear he was at loggerheads with his son and heir regarding the Delimitation of Constituencies Bill. The son was insistent, as a committed democrat, that the Party sign on and get the Bill passed, but Dad was not so keen. And then a compromise was struck, says our mole, whereby the Party gave its support to the Bill, in return for a free hand for Hubby in Bal. And there, Hubby is acquiring votes for the upcoming Senate elections; the irony is that The Boys seem to have teamed up with him to oust the current CM and set the ball rolling. Wonders never cease.