Dr AQ Khan's Daughter Files Case Against People Trying To Occupy Trust

'It is regrettable that after the death of my father, some people are trying to influence and occupy the Dr AQ Khan Hospital Trust.'

Dr AQ Khan's Daughter Files Case Against People Trying To Occupy Trust

Dr. Dina Khan, the daughter of nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, has said that some members have captured the Trust formed by his father through the use of false documents and financial fraud. 

Dina filed a complaint in Lahore against the accused after a two-year struggle. 

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan envisioned establishing a free hospital for common people in Lahore, for which he formed a Board of Trustees. During his lifetime, the nuclear physicist dismissed several board members, she added.

She said that those men faked Khan's name and dismissed him from the board after his death. She said that fraudulent paperwork was used to file a trust deed as well.

As per media reports, Dr. Dina considered every platform in an attempt to protect her father's Trust from the perpetrators, but to no effect. On the other hand, the counterfeiters made claims against the scientist's daughter, she added. 

After filing a complaint against the forgers, the daughter expressed her optimism that the judiciary would serve her justice and allow her to achieve her father's ambition. 

AQ Khan died on October 10, 2021, at the age of 85, due to deteriorating health. He was buried in Islamabad the following day.