Senator Mustafa Khokhar 'Glad' To Part Ways With 'Unhappy' PPP

Senator Mustafa Khokhar 'Glad' To Part Ways With 'Unhappy' PPP
Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar said on Tuesday the top tier of the party had solicited his resignation from the upper house of Parliament.

In a tweet, Khokhar said he had met a "senior leader" from the party who had told him the leadership was not too keen on the political positions he had adopted and wanted him to resign. The senator said he was more than happy to oblige. He said he will be presenting his resignation to the Senate Chairman tomorrow (Wednesday).

"Met a senior leader from the party today. He conveyed that the party leadership wasn’t happy with my political positions and wanted my resignation from the senate. I gladly agreed to resign. Will be submitting my resignation in person to Chairmen Senate tomorrow, inshallah."

Reacting to a video clip of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Azam Swati breaking down in tears at a press conference, Khokhar had earlier spoken on Saturday about how he had never thought the nation's intelligence agencies could stoop so low.

“No one’s self-respect is safe,” he went on to say in his tweet. “May God curse these people,” Khokhar had added.