Rains Alleviate Climate Hardships For Parts Of Sindh

Lightning strikes claim two lives as rains inundate coastal towns

Rains Alleviate Climate Hardships For Parts Of Sindh

Different areas of Sujawal and Thatta districts received moderate to heavy rainfall this week, bringing joy to paddy farmers and alleviating the impacts of the hot weather.

Farmers said their paddy crops in the coastal areas of Sujawal were withering due to acute water shortage, but the rainfall had brought relief.

However, the heavy downpours exposed poor infrastructure in the rural and urban areas of the coastal districts of Sujawal and Thatta, causing rainwater accumulation and some flooding due to the heavy rains, disrupting daily life. Several areas in the two districts were inundated with knee-deep water. However, local authorities said no tragic incidents were reported. Gusty winds, however, were reported to have damaged the reverse osmosis (RO) water purification plant in Ghorabari town in Thatta.

The rainfall restored the natural beauty of Kohisatan's mountain range, reviving the natural fountains in Jhughshahi, which attracted many visitors.

Except for Tharparkar, other districts of Sindh, including Badin, Umerkot, Mirpurkhas, and Tando Mohammad Khan, experienced light to moderate rainfall, providing relief from the intense heat and humidity.

The power supply was suspended for several hours in many areas, adding to the hardships faced by residents. The meteorological department has predicted more rain in these areas during upcoming days.

Killer lightning

In a tragic incident in Tharparkar, a woman and her minor son were killed after they were struck by lightning. Amia Kolhi was a resident of the Phulprio village where lightning struck.

At least five goats were killed in a separate lightning strike in the Morano village near Islamkot.

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