A businessman friend of The Man of Steel called him to ask for advice. He had a pressing collective issue, to do with his industry as a whole, and not a personal one. He told The Man that many businessmen had sought the assistance of No 1 in the problems they were facing. These ranged from fear of the NABbers to policy differences with the government. Should he approach No 1 for redress, he asked. The Man was unequivocal in his reply. He told his friend not to appeal to No 1. He advised him to refer all his industry’s concerns to The Great Khan who is the constitutional head of government. The Man said that he may be my opponent but he is the head of government and you cannot go to an official of the government of Pakistan for redress and undermine the premier’s authority.

Under a cloud

One of the few remaining hopes in the late, lamented Big Ben’s Party is said to be under a cloud. This young man, a member of the Upper House, is full of promise, has stood his ground over the years and taken principled stands for missing persons, his Party and the combined opposition. It may be because of his latter position that he is seen with suspicion by the leadership, which is said to be jockeying for power as a replacement of The Great Khan should his sponsors tire of him. Towards that end, says our mole, the promising young man has been downgraded from his important slot in the Human Rights Committee of the Upper House and given various sundry committees in which he apparently has no interest. Importantly, these are committees where there is no change of rubbing up The Boyz the wrong way.

May the best man win

Arecent video clip from a television program shows Paradise Lover getting into a scrap with a fellow panellist, administering a “tight slap” to him and finally indulging in a free-for-all that was broken up by the anchor and the production crew. The reasons for their brawl are the usual ones – “you are corrupt, no you are, no you are” etc. – but the interesting thing is that the episode has unleashed a power struggle again. Paradise Lover’s various detractors have jumped at the opportunity to dislodge her from her perch at Takht Lahore. How can the lady be the provincial government’s spokesperson, they ask menacingly, when she does not have a handle on her temper. May the best man win – and that includes Paradise Lover.