Ittefaq Nama

Ittefaq Nama
My patients have been sorely tested. I pray that Allah gives me more patients. Floods are coming, generals are scheming, Imran is screaming, Maulvi Canada is screeching. Every day is new test. Yesterday I received massage from Sheikh Rashid. “Get ready Mian Saab. It will be survival of the fattest”. On top, you cannot belief haw Imran’s negotiating committee is behaving. Dar Saab says “good morning. Would you like some tea and biscuits?” “Only if PM resigns”, they say. Today they gave multiple choice quiz far me, saying I must resign if I don’t answer questions correctly: “How long 100 years war lasted? a) 116 years, b) 99 years, c) 150 years”. Dar Saab asked me on phoon. I said ‘I can’t hear you’. “In which country Panama hats are made? a) Brazil b) Chile c) Panama d) Ecuador”. Dar Saab asked me on phoon. I said, ‘hain ji?’ “In which month Russians calibrate October Revolution? a) January b) Febuary c) October d) November”. Dar Saab asked me on phoon. I said, ‘I’ll ask Najam Sethi and revert’. “What was King George’s fust name? a) Edward b) Albert c) George d) Manuel”. I said, ‘I’ll ask Queen and revert’. “Canary Islands are named on which animal? a) canary b) kangaroo c) puppy d) rat”. Dar Saab asked me. I said, ‘I’ll ask wet and revert’.

Imran’s team stormed out of meeting. Thanks God I didn’t answer because wet (animal doctor) knew answers to all questions. 100 years war lasted 116 years. Panama hat is made in Ecuador. October Revolution is calibrated in November. King George’s fust name was Albert. Canary Islands are named after puppy. And don’t ask me why. Goras are badshahs, like generals, they can do whatever they like.

Last night Imran came back from R&R at his Bani Gala palace and made speech on container: “Oyyy, mundeyo and kuriyo! Sharifs should’ve been consigned to dustbin of history, but they’ve remarkably escaped extinction and still live lavishly at the expense of the poor. As opposed to my beloved England where the monarchy which should’ve been consigned to dustbin of history but mysteriously escaped extinction, still lives lavishly at the expense of the poor.”

Allah hafiz,