Such Gup

Such Gup

Towering rage

Our mole reports that the Quaid-e-Qiwam is in a towering rage with all and sundry. We know that he’s shown the door to his Karachi team and did the same to a party stalwart who returned from the US specifically to take over the international secretariat. In another temper tantrum, we hear the Quaid has asked his lieutenants to occupy MK’s house in Karachi’s Gulshan area. MK, a former mayor of the city, parted ways with the Quaid and now works for a real estate tycoon in the Gulf. The house was bought with some money from MK but a substantial contribution from the party fund. The Quaid asked MK to return to the fold but the latter refused and thus his home is being taken from him.

Dynastic politics

For one who constantly raves and rants against Pakistan’s dynastic politics, The Great Khan was keen for his two sons to be on the container with him during the so-called “Azadi March” and to see his expected triumph at the expense of the PM. The boys’ British mother and grandmother apparently resisted this plan vigorously and insisted that the children return to London a few days before August 14. They’d been spending part of their summer holidays with their father in Lahore and Islamabad.


When the Canadian Cleric’s violent followers broke into Pakistan Television’s building in Isloo last week, they were met by terrified PTV staff who stood by as they went on a rampage. A group of young men approached an official and said, “we’re sorry about this but we’re starving. Do you have anything for us to eat?”