Diary of a Social Butterfly

Diary of a Social Butterfly
Taubah! What was this Karachi airport ka hamla? Zara imagine karo, ten men, men bhi nahin, boys, just strolling in and with just a few guns and grenades, holding the whole airport and its amla and passengers to handsome? For six hours! And ISI nay beshuk GEO band kar diya hai but it was all on BBC, CNN, NDTV vaghera also. Broadcast alive for the world to see! Honestly, kitnee humaary world kay saamnay shame shame hui hai.

Bhai, mein tau kehti hoon, thanks God, fauj was there and rangers and all to fight back varna kya hota? They could have high jacked all the planes and then we would have sarrhoed here all summers long without even a plane to take us out to London or Dubai.

‘But why was the attack not prevented in the first place?’ asked Janoo. ‘Bhai ub ISI can’t predict kay who’s going to strike where, when. After all they’re not smooth sayers’. ‘Intelligence agencies the world over do it on a daily basis,’ said Janoo. ‘That’s their job. But our beloved ISI was in the dark about the attack on Abbotabad, Mehran Base, GHQ. Let’s face it. They’re too busy shutting down TV channels, muzzling critics and  keeping tabs on politicians’.

I didn’t reply because it’s too hot to argue baba, but dil mein I thought kya karay bechari ISI? They’re truly busy fighting GEO, which everyone knows is the real threat to safety and security of Pakistan na, and it’s a unfair to expect them to fight terrorists at the same time also. After all, they’re not house wives that they can multi task. And in any case, as Imran says, unlike ghaddaar GEO which stole his election, yeh terrorists tau apnay log hain, Yeh Good Taliban hain. Bus thoray say misdirected hain, like ziddi kids.

Vaisay I think so, maybe heat has melted Imran’s brain. He should go back to London, to his ex-saas Lady Anna Bell’s mention. But problem is foreign airlines might stop coming to Pakistan. As a friend of mine twitted, at this rate the only foreign flights flying to Pakistan will be drones.