Ittefaq Nama

Ittefaq Nama
If this is rule of la, then I am Bill Gate. If this is accountability, then I am Confuyion (Chinese sage). This is conspiracy, pure and simple. And it has come full circle. I deeply regret how Shaheed Benazir was wiktim of same conspiracy. I deeply regret how her father and Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy were also. I deeply regret La of Evidence made by General Zia ul Haq in 1984 in which anus of proof is on accused. I should never have been part of conspiracies. But when I was, where were these judges and generals, hain ji? When I was busy enriching myself along with General Zia’s leftovers, where were these judges and generals, hain ji? They were quite – because I was in their gang.

Now I have my own gang. And they don’t like it. I have my own mission. And they don’t like it. I have my own agenda. And they don’t like it.

In the behind of all this, there is tug of var between competing forces. Yes, after deep conversations with Pervez Rashid Saab I have accepted wisdom of Baba-e-Communism Karl Marks & Spencer. Powers of status koh do not want new forces to emerge. After giving lots of sacrifices new forces are emerging. I am one of them. Sad to say, cruption question has made things complicate. Even lovers of democracy are being overcome with confuyion. Oye, leave this cruption! What are a few off shore companies between comrades, hain ji? Keep eye on main thing – do not gang up with forces of Right and fascism to derail democracy again.

How can Baba-e-Offshore Asaf Ali Zardari Saab be so slactive? How can Baba-e-Cash Gifts Imran Khan Niazi Saab be so blind? If Imran can take millions in cash gifts from donors without giving hisab, why I can’t take millions in cash gifts from sons without giving hisab? BECAUSE RECEIVING CASH FROM ABROAD IS NOT AGAINST THE LA! Ji haan! It is another contradiction of life in Pakistan.

Which reminds me, wife of gardener needs to go to hospital; she is ready to have baby. Her contradictions are 30 seconds apart now.

Allah hafiz