Rushdie Family 'Relieved' As Author Taken Off Ventilator

Rushdie Family 'Relieved' As Author Taken Off Ventilator
The kin of Booker Prize-winning author Salman Rushdie on Sunday said they were extremely relieved that he had been taken off the ventilator.

In a statement on Twitter, the author's son Zafar Rushdie said that while his father remained in a critical condition in the hospital, he has been taken off the ventilator the day before, and was even able to say a few words.

"We are so grateful to all the audience members who bravely leapt to his defence and administered first aid," he said, also thanking the police, doctors and social media users who have been showing the author love and support.

He said that Rushdie's family was requesting patience and privacy as they came together to support him.

Rushdie, whose work is deemed blasphemous by some, was attacked on Friday as he was set to deliver a lecture. The suspect was overpowered and Rushdie was airlifted to a hospital.

The controversial author is the recipient of many literary honours of note. His notable works include Midnight's Children, Shame, and East-West. He was born in India. Rushdie then relocated to the United Kingdom. He has been based in the United States for some time now.