Maryam Calls Out 'Judicial Martial Law' As PDM Begins Protest At SC

Maryam Calls Out 'Judicial Martial Law' As PDM Begins Protest At SC
PML-N Senior Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Monday hit out at PTI chief Imran Khan's "facilitators" in the judiciary, as she addressed the PDM protesters gathered outside the Supreme Court.

Addressing a large number of the alliance's supporters, Maryam said some of the judges 'didn't have the right intent' when it came to cases concerning the former premier.

'Murdering justice'

She further said that "this building" was supposed to provide means for justice to the oppressed, bring the powerful to book, and strengthen democracy, referring to the SC.

It was the responsibility of this building, Maryam added, to maintain the sacredness of elected premiers and stand by democracy.

However, she said, “The facilitators sitting in this building are murdering justice,” as PDM begins protest.

Judicial martial law

The PML-N leader said, "Today, when the army is standing with democracy and Constitution of Pakistan – the fifth martial law in Pakistan – judicial martial law has been imposed from this building.”

Taking a jibe at the Chief Justice at his earlier reported remarks on seeing Imran Khan in the court, she said, "A large number of people gathered outside this building today. I ask Umar Ata Bandial sahib if you're happy at seeing a sea of people."

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"Come, Umar Ata Bandial sahib, have a look at the real nation of Pakistan. They are here to ask you a question," she maintained.

Doctrine of necessity

The PML-N also spoke about the oft-quoted 'doctrine of necessity', as she criticised the judges of the apex court.

"Whenever this country saw the worse, it was due to the doctrine of necessity coming from here," she said in a reference to the top court, as PDM begins protest.

She recalled that elected prime minister were sent packing while some were hanged, adding "[these decisions] were endorsed here".

May 9 protests

Maryam accused Imran of doing what even "terrorists or Pakistan's enemies have not been able to do".

According to her, Imran "trained" his supporters at Zaman Park who then set fire to Jinnah House. "But when this man appeared before the court, the Chief Justice expressed pleasure over meeting him," she noted.

The ruling coalition earlier announced to launch a protest against the SC's 'unjust decisions', particularly with regard to the cases concerning Imran Khan.