Such Gup

Such Gup

Impending interlude

Now that the impending interlude is nigh, various names are being considered for the Top Slot. Amongst them are a former long-serving Chairman of the Upper House, a former Chief Adjudicator, and a former head of the State Bank. Apart from the Adjudicator, who’s been proposed by The Man of Steel & Co, the other two are nominees of the state.

Litmus test 

The question is: wither Mr Bean’s lookalike? We all know he spoke his mind and fell foul of The Man of Steel, but he hasn’t taken off on a solo flight. His confidants say he takes as much ownership of the Party as anyone else, and refuses to go away quietly. They say he’s a long-standing chum of Talented Bro, and now that the latter is in the driving seat, everyone is looking to see if Mr Bean will be back again in the limelight. Mr B’s critics say he violated party discipline and that The Man showed remarkable tolerance, which has now reached its limits. No wonder then that The Man’s camp are now considering giving the Party ticket to Mr Bean’s long-standing rival in his Potohari constituency. This, say wags, will be a litmus test of who’s in charge of the Party – The Man or his Talented Bro.

Third time lucky?

Close friends of The Great Khan say they’ve never seen him looking happier. They say there’s a peace about him that had eluded him before his third marriage. They say his critics can go take a hike, he doesn’t need any mood enhancers or any other crutches they’d accused him of resorting to in the past. Is The Khan third time lucky?