Abbottabad Girls' School Non-Functional For Seven Years

Abbottabad Girls' School Non-Functional For Seven Years
About seven years after the construction of Government Girls Primary School in the Narri Hoter area of Birote, it is yet to be made functional, allegedly due to the negligence of the education authorities.

The construction work on the school began in 2012 and was completed in 2014. The land is being used allegedly for cattle sheds and as a store for animal fodder while crops are being grown in the courtyard.

The doors, windows, and roofs of the classrooms are deteriorating with the passage of time. In the absence of classes, young girls of the villages have to travel far-off through hilly terrain to receive education.

The plot was donated for the school by a villager in hopes that education will bring change among the daughters of the village but his dream is yet to come true.

The residents told The Friday Times that they are trying to get the school functional since its construction but none of the authorities seem to be taking the issue seriously.

They demanded of the authorities to investigate as to why the school remains non-functional despite the expenditure of millions of rupees on the institute.

When contacted, Nazir Ahmed Abbasi, former member provincial assembly from the area, said that the relevant authorities were asked to resolve the matter after the issue was communicated to him, but in vain.

According to the district education officer Abbottabad Dilshad Begum, she does not have full information of the issue, adding that problem probably lies somewhere between the execution and the planning and development sections.

"I will take up the matter with the execution department in order to resolve the issue as soon as possible," she said.

The situation is worrying given the low literacy ratio in the country, especially among girls. The later the authorities take notice of the situation, the harder it will become to resolve it.

The writer is a student of History and a journalist interested in writing on gender equality, social issues and cultural heritage.