Every Year Counts The Same For The Baloch

Every Year Counts The Same For The Baloch
Each new year is deemed a new beginning in one’s life. It is a perfect time to rearrange your goals and resolutions, nevertheless, to work on them to make them more effective ever than before. Apart from this, plentiful people celebrate the new year gleefully with their whole family, but it is sad to say that some people never get to hear what a new year is. Or perhaps, the new year means no different than the former.

On a similar note, Balochistan in South Asia is the hub of deprivations for centuries, particularly in the last two decades. The new year in Balochistan brings a new wave of painful scars in the entire nation where innocent and sinless Baloch go arrested without a trace. A report presented before the supreme court of Pakistan and the National Assembly says 5000 Baloch are reportedly missing in Balochistan with unknown whereabouts (the number is increasing day by day).

Not only this year, but Baloch also has not celebrated any new year, because the new year always began with a cry for the nation. From courts to press clubs and roads, Baloch mothers and sisters have not left any stone unturned to get justice for their fathers, brothers, and sisters who had gone missing. The families, whose family member is missing, seek to run court trials if they are accused of any guilt, but even this fundamental right to defend themselves in a court is a vociferation for them.

The year 2023, definitely from the beginning, became more hazardous for every Baloch living across the country. However, it became the most humiliating year for many Baloch students because, from the start of the year, four Baloch students were forced to disappear from Khuzdar and Turbat – both are the most populated districts in Balochistan).

Unfortunately, the student who disappeared in Turbat, identified as Nadil Hussain, is a part-time laborer at Buledi Trading Company who works to get ends meet. He was also sending money for his family members because he was the sole bread-earner of his family. Very recently, Nadil had taken admissions in Allama Iqbal Open University to continue his education, but unluckily, he disappeared. What impact will his illegal detention leave on other students?

In a similar accident, two Baloch students from the Gerashag area of district Khuzdar disappeared who were recognized as Siraj Noor and Muhammad Arif Hambal. Although they were released, under what law they were taken is yet a query unanswered.

If the enforced disappearances of Baloch masses, including students, are continued at the same pace, it becomes hard for other students to continue with their education. Because every time they get deep into the trauma if they are not the next victims. Government and law enforcement agencies need to reshape their policies towards Balochistan before the situations go beyond control.