Natasha Noorani Releases Two New Singles From Upcoming Album RONAQ

Natasha Noorani Releases Two New Singles From Upcoming Album RONAQ


Lahore: Natasha Noorani, the increasingly familiar voice behind hits such as Choro and Faltu Pyar, has released two new singles off her upcoming album RONAQ. This double drop signals the momentum of things to come, as Noorani prepares for the release of her debut album in the summer of 2023. Working alongside her are two of Pakistan’s most trailblazing producers playing a pivotal role in defining the sound of the new wave of music.

Baaz, produced by Abdullah Siddiqui, is a pop anthem that confronts the destructive nature of immovable power structures. “It is a lament against stagnant leadership in everyday life”, said Noorani. First performed at the debut edition of UK-based music broadcaster Boiler Room in Pakistan, Baaz resides in the electro-pop genre. Abdullah Siddiqui has built a minimalist soundscape to communicate the dismay of disappointment in the status quo.

Matlabi, produced by Talal Qureshi, is an introspective electronic exploration of oppression that’s hidden in plain sight. The video, directed by Abdul-Rehman Malik, is set in a picturesque remote village. “It illustrates the loss of oneself, the period of self- reflection and the journey back to solace”, says Noorani. It deals with themes of the burden of generational trauma carried by women & matriarchs.

The sound of RONAQ represents Noorani’s journey into ‘Lolly-Pop’, a new genre pioneered by Noorani. Inspired by the history of sub-continental music but presented in an electronic pop soundscape, the genre is a fresh blend of retro and contemporary, as well as indigenous and global.

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Song Title:  Baaz

Language: Urdu


Arranged, Composed & Performed by Natasha Noorani

Written by Natasha Noorani Produced by Abdullah Siddiqui Keys by Jennhwan Wong

Special Thanks to Natasha Humera Ejaz


Aaj kyun marr gaye ehsaas? Kya karun teri na se na milay? Chup raho teray waris arahe hain.

Inkaar beguna ko kaisay karoon gi?

Yeh kaisi baat hai?

Nijaat hai?


Aaj jo bikhar gaye hain kal yeh khwaab yeh log Ujalon mein rahain gain

Baaz aao na


kyun na ho hum betaab? Sarkon pe teray naaray na chalain Chup karo teray waris agaye hain


Besabab hum aisay orrein gai?

Yeh kaisi baat hai

Nijaat hai? Bolo?

Aaj jo mukar gaye hain kal

Yeh raj, yeh chor fasaadon mein rahein gai

Baaz aao na


Song Title:  Matlabi

Language: Urdu


Written by Natasha Noorani & Zeerak Ahmed

Produced by Talal Qureshi

Mixed & Mastered by Adeel Tahir


Saamnay tha bikhra aashiana Yaad rakhna humein na bhulaana Dabi rahoon mein ghulaami mein Matlabi log rahein gai shaytani mein Kaisay kaisay bach payein

Kaisay kaisay bach paoun mein

Jaan leva

Iss dil ka dega kaun hisaab?

Mera savera

Bhujh gaya dil mera yeh aaj

Ehsaas hain qaatil

Khamoshi ki lehron mein behtay hain apnay sawaal

Kya main naqabil

In dhokon ki baarish mein doobay gi meri awaz

Jaan leva

Sun lena tum mera jawaab

Mera savera

Kaisay rokein gai hum zawaal

Jaan leva

Niyat sirf teri thi kharaab

Mera savera

Kaanton mein milay ga gulaab