Case Lodged Against Imran Khan For Statement About Dropping ‘Atom Bomb’ On Pakistan

Case Lodged Against Imran Khan For Statement About Dropping ‘Atom Bomb’ On Pakistan
After a citizen’s petition against former prime minister Imran Khan over his recent statement during a media talk, where he said it would have been better to ‘nuke’ Pakistan than to hand it over to ‘thieves’, a sessions court in Lahore has asked police to submit a report regarding the matter.

Shiekh Muzaffar had filed a petition with the Islampura police to register a case against Khan, but he said that the Islampura Station House Officer (SHO) had refused to comply with his request, going against the accordance of law.

Muzaffar said that as a citizen of Pakistan, the life of him and his family had been in danger ever since the former prime minister made those statements. He claimed that Khan had been very irresponsible and insensitive in making that assertion.

He appealed to the sessions court judge to put Khan on trial, by direct the police to register a case against him.

The sessions court judge instructed the Superintended of Police (SP) to submit a report to the court by May 18.

Previously, Imran Khan had said during a media talk with journalists at his residence in Bani Gala on Friday, that he thought it would have been more preferable to nuke Pakistan than to hand over power to 'thieves', referring to the incumbent PML-N government.

During the rally he also questioned the neutrality of the 'neutrals' asking why they did not step in to prevent corruption and put an end to those causing it. He claimed that he had warned the 'neutrals' of how the fragile economic recovery might tailspin if the conspiracy against him was successful.