Imran Khan's Plan-A, B And C?

Bushra Bibi indicted after she skips court hearing while a special committee set up to probe those responsible for orchestrating a campaign against judges

Imran Khan's Plan-A, B And C?

Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder Imran Khan has devised multiple plans for his politics and the elections. But for all of his plans, he has not learned from his past, nor do they promise any positive development.

This was claimed by journalist Faheem Gohar Butt as he appeared on Naya Daur TV's latest episode of Khabar Say Aagay.

"All plans of Imran Khan are plans of destruction. You would be hard-pressed to find any positive aspect of any of his plans," Butt said, adding that Imran does not have constructive views. 

"All of his plans are about targeting or destroying someone."

Butt said that Imran's plan-A was like this, his plan-B was similar, and plan-C was about going to the next stage.

Butt added that Imran Khan is now planning to recreate conditions similar to May 9 again. 

To achieve this, Butt said that his sources have disclosed that the PTI would reach out to some 20,000 to 25,000 young men and women who were hired as freelance 'keyboard warriors' when the PTI was in government in the provinces and the centre.

These people, Butt claimed, would be activated to allegedly go to relatively remote or infrequented part of a constituency on election day and perform acts to create a perception that the establishment is directly involved in ensuring the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) wins.

Concocted videos and accounts in support of these rumours will then be posted online and spread through various channels.

Asked that it appears as if the PTI has not learnt any lesson from May 9, Butt said that PTI has a squad of heavyweight lawyers, many of whom are contesting the upcoming elections on PTI tickets. But it is unlikely they will provide any legal support to the poor youngsters who are used as fodder in this move.

He added that many lawyers had obtained tickets from the PTI. Still, they were not politicians because, on election day, you need thousands of political workers who are working in the constituency from early morning to late in the night until the results are finalised.

Special committee to probe smear campaigns against CJP Isa

Reporter Sabihul Hussnain said that a committee has been formed to investigate the online smear campaign underway against Supreme Court judges.

He said that some of the words used for CJP Isa did warrant legal action. 

Hussnain said that at one point, some people claimed that the language used in the online smear campaigns was similar to that used by Justice (retired) Mazahar Ali Akbar Naqvi. 

Some believed there could be a link between the two, and there were reports that officials of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had held meetings with the administrative officers of the top court. 

However, he said that the frequency of the campaign had seen a surge in the aftermath of the top court's decision in the PTI electoral symbol case.

The Pakistan Bar Council held a press conference where action was demanded against those responsible for trolling the chief justice or running campaigns against judges.

Noting that the investigation team formed included officials of civil and military intelligence departments and that it has been formed with sanction from powerful quarters who are looking to curry favour with CJP Isa.

In the case of Bushra Bibi's improper nikkah, she skipped the court on the pretext of failing health after attending another case's hearing earlier.

This, however, angered the court, which asked how she could leave without first informing or seeking permission from the court.