Punjabi Rapper Honey Singh Parts Way With GF Tina: Reports

Punjabi Rapper Honey Singh Parts Way With GF Tina: Reports
Rapper Honey Singh and his girlfriend Tina Thadani are supposedly no longer together after dating for a year.

The two broke up a few days ago. In addition, they removed all of their Instagram photos together and unfollowed one another.

According to sources, "They had different life goals. Both need time to heal, even if they are currently handling the breakup maturely. Tina is currently grieving and attempting to concentrate on her work. Don't be afraid to talk about the breakup, honey. Everyone has been briefed about it by him.

Indian media made an attempt to get in touch with Tina to confirm the reports. The model made the decision to withhold comment on the matter. She merely stated, "I really don't want to talk about it."

Honey remained silent about the news throughout this time.

At the launch of his new album, Honey 3.0, in Delhi last year, the rapper made the actress and their romance public. "Meri girlfriend baethi hai Tina, isne mujhe ye naam dia hai," he stated at the time. Isn't that right? You're Honey 3.0. The third is this one.

Tina Thadani, Honey Singh's girlfriend, is greatly admired. " We met on the sets, and he once said: "I felt different, more like she was mine. As a result, it took me a lot of work to win her over before she finally accepted. My life has been significantly altered by her. She already had some knowledge of my early years. In order to prevent her from learning something unexpectedly that would shock her or make her feel as though she should have known that particular fact sooner, I provided her with more data and insights into my life."

Last year, Honey Singh and his ex-wife Shalini Talwar got divorced in September. They tied the knot in 2011.