Pakistan’s Debt Crisis

Ammar Habib Khan and Zeeshan Salahuddin offer a critical blueprint for navigating Pakistan’s debt dilemma.

Pakistan’s Debt Crisis

Pakistan’s debt is a formidable, existential, and pertinent challenge, that requires immediate and strategic interventions. Debt repayments are at a historic high, deprioritizing the needs of a growing population, such as social protection, education, health, and crucially, climate change.

Detailed in Tabadlab’s seminal analysis, “A Raging Fire,” the gravity of this crisis is laid bare, revealing the depth and breadth of the problem, the quantum of financial resources lacking, and the path forward with or without transformational structural changes.

By dissecting key financial indicators, drawing comparisons with global standards, and showcasing multi-scenario projections “A Raging Fire” serves as a critical blueprint for navigating Pakistan’s debt dilemma.

Providing comprehensive solutions in a dedicated section, the analysis ends with crucial reforms needed to extricate Pakistan from the this perennial financial spiral, and put it on a path to economic recovery, eventually leading to prosperity.