Investigating The Silent Patient

Investigating The Silent Patient
Everything was going well for Mr and Mrs Bernenson, as they lived a thrilling life until the sudden death of Mr Bernenson on the 25th of August. This event completely altered their lives. Alicia Bernenson, who was 33 years old at the time, was the one who murdered her husband. After this incident, Alicia became silent and refused to speak.

The Silent Patient is a novel authored by Alex Michaelides, who is a British author and screen writer. His novels include The Maidens and many more. The Silent Patient is one of his most liked and popular books, it has over 6.5 million copies sold and holds a mystery behind Alicia's life and especially her silence.

The mystery behind her silence and the reason for her husband's murder was eventually solved by a psychotherapist named Theo Faber, who became captivated by Alicia's case six years after the incident.

Theo started his therapy with Alicia and began questioning her about everything she had gone through during those six years. He diligently followed every clue, gathering reports from the doctors and nurses who had taken care of her. He also met with her relatives to try to understand the nature of her relationship with her husband. Was Alicia happy with her husband? And if she was, what compelled her to shoot him?

With each revelation, the mystery became more complex and captivating. Different people had discrete perceptions of Alicia: some believed she was a brutal murderer responsible for her husband's death, while others saw her as a naive soul who adored her husband and could never have imagined harming him.

As I read the book, I found myself fascinated by this mystery and became curious to discover the truth behind the trial. Like Theo, I wondered who the real culprit was, and I imagined myself as a secret spy, trying to assist Alicia and determined to prove her innocence.

Alicia Bernenson was a painter, and Gabriel Bernenson was a photographer. They were both supportive and caring towards each other. Gabriel often helped Alicia with her paintings, serving as her model and patiently sitting for her until the painting was completed. Their affection for each other was pure. They had occasional quarrels, but these were common in any relationship and could not alone explain the horrifying incident.

As I read Alex's write-up about the Bernenson family, I was torn between suspicion and believing in Alicia's innocence. The book gave me mixed feelings, sometimes leaning towards Alicia as the murderer and other times not. However, my suspicions heightened when Alicia handed her personal diary over to Theo. Alicia had kept a diary where she wrote whenever she felt overwhelmed, and no one knew about it. The diary revealed yet another mystery: someone had been keeping an eye on Alicia, which frightened her. Alicia was usually alone at home when Gabriel went to work, so seeing this man outside her house every day compelled her to inform Gabriel. However, Gabriel dismissed her concerns as hallucinations, believing that nobody was actually watching her.

Gabriel's misunderstanding changed everything, until one night when the man broke into their house and tied up Alicia. She was alone at home when the man approached her and threatened her. Alicia tried to engage him in conversation, hoping that Gabriel would come home and witness what she had been suspecting. I believe this was what the man wanted, as he engaged in idle conversation with Alicia, as if waiting for Gabriel. Finally, Gabriel arrived home at 10 pm on the same night.

The neighbours heard noises and called the police, who arrived at the scene. The police immediately considered Alicia as the culprit since she was holding the gun and Gabriel was found dead. However, the true events of that night were written in the last pages of Alicia's diary, which she quickly wrote after receiving it back from Theo.

This book was truly enthralling, and I was left puzzled when I discovered what had compelled Alicia to shoot Gabriel. But I was even more perplexed when I realised that such a minor thing had led Alicia to commit such a crime.

Understanding and trusting one another is the key to a thrilling relationship. As Hazrat Ali (AS) said, "Where there is haste, there must be a mistake." They could have still enjoyed their lives if Alicia hadn't been so quick to make a decision. I know, it is difficult to accept the truth, but making hasty decisions can lead to the worst consequences.

This novel is perfect for those who enjoy reading mysterious books because it is worth reading. The ending is predictable but astonishing, making the book worth your time.