Miss Universe: Erica Robin Secures Position Among Top 20 Contestants In El Salvador

Erica has reiterated her appreciation for Pakistan’s diverse cultures on various occasions.

Miss Universe: Erica Robin Secures Position Among Top 20 Contestants In El Salvador

Erica Robin, a native of Karachi, made a lasting impression on the Miss Universe 2023 competition with her captivating personality and stunning outfits that celebrated Pakistan's rich cultural heritage. The 72nd edition of the annual pageant, which was hosted by El Salvador, saw the model place in the top 20 contenders out of more than 80 participating countries. She did not, however, make it into the top 10.

While Erica gets ready for her next big steps, fashion enthusiasts and admirers still want to know more about the first Miss Universe Pakistan. The model's support of many humanitarian organisations was highlighted in a recent Harper's Bazaar Arabia story. As Miss Universe Pakistan, the beauty queen passionately took part in a Down syndrome awareness month event.

Erica also joined the Red Cross Youth Philippines, making her a vital member of the Red Cross family. She spent a day interacting with the young people, listening to their goals, and organizing an event that was relevant and full of visions for the future.

The 24-year-old has shown her admiration for Pakistan's many cultures on several occasions, such as during the Miss Universe preliminary competition, where participants had to wear their national costumes. She wore a colorful "Pehchaan" outfit, highlighting her unique cultural and personal identity.

The model's love of the outdoors was also noted by Bazaar Arabia, which emphasized how important it is to slow down in the hectic world of today. Erica thanked the style magazine in the description of her Instagram post showcasing the article, expressing her gratitude.

All around the world, beauty pageants are a familiar sight. News of a Pakistani woman participating for the first time on the world stage, however, has caused quite a stir in the nation. Pakistan's representative in the Miss Universe pageant will be taking part for the first time ever. “I have a great deal of responsibility and am under a great deal of strain. But I won't do anything that would damage the country’s reputation," Erica said.