Seal Breaks Into House In New Zealand

Seal Breaks Into House In New Zealand
A young seal cub broke into a house in New Zealand on Friday, upsetting the house cat and hanging out with the family for about four hours before it was rescued and returned back to the sea.

The Ross family of Mt Maunganui played host to a curious young seal who decided to visit their house located 150m from the shore. The seal supposedly followed the Ross' pet cat Coco inside the house, and made its way through two catflaps.

When Jenn Ross got into her car around 6 AM to go to the gym, she heard a muffled bark from underneath her car, and then the sound of something shuffling away. Assuming it was someone's dog, she went about her day. When she returned at 7 AM, she opened the door of her house to find a seal sitting inside.

The seal got frightened and ran off into the spare room, and Jenn called her two young children to come down to see their 'new pet'. The children were excited and surprised to see a seal in their home. Jenn's husband Ross, who happens to be a marine biologist, regretted not being at home at the time, as he is the only one who would have actually known how to care for a runaway seal.

Eventually at 10 AM, a Department of Conservation ranger showed up to escort the seal back to the ocean.

The Department of Conservation recommends that seals should not be approached because they can inflict serious damage if they feel threatened, and may carry infectious diseases.