Lahore Shivers In Biting Cold

'Warm clothing, avoiding unnecessary exposure to the cold, and proper hydration are essential.'

Lahore Shivers In Biting Cold

Residents of Lahore are wrapped up and ready for the biting cold as the city suffers record-low temperatures. On Sunday, the temperature dropped to a chilly 5 degrees Celsius, making it one of the coldest days of the ongoing winter wave.

However, the heavy fog that has enveloped the city in recent days has begun to thin as a result of the cold winds, which have exacerbated the impression of cold.

Residents report an increase in cold-related illnesses, and hospitals are noticing an increase in patients with respiratory issues, skin ailments, and, most importantly, pneumonia. The city's already poor air quality has deteriorated to an alarming 174 on the Air Quality Index (AQI).

Light rain, strong gusts, and thunderstorms provided some relief to sections of Balochistan, although the majority of the plain areas remained chilly and dry. The northern highland regions, on the other hand, are still experiencing very chilly and partly cloudy weather.

Thundershowers late at night brought chilly weather to Gwadar and Turbat.

With the cold wave showing no signs of abating, authorities are urging residents to take the required safeguards. To stay safe, wear warm clothing, drink plenty of water, and avoid excessive exposure to the cold. Furthermore, maintaining excellent air quality at home and limiting outdoor activities are critical for mitigating the health hazards linked to cold and polluted air.

Meteorologists expect that the cold wave will last for a few days, with Lahore likely to remain in its grip. The clearing of the fog in Lahore provides some promise for better visibility, but the bitter winds are predicted to keep the city feeling chilly. Residents should stay informed about weather updates and heed authorities' advice to safely traverse the adverse weather conditions.