Horrific Statistics Reveal Plight Of Pakistan's Child Brides

Horrific Statistics Reveal Plight Of Pakistan's Child Brides
Pakistan has around 19 million child brides, according to UNICEF. 18.9 million people were married before they aged 18 and 4.5 million before the age of 15, according to the UN agency for children.

At the age of 15, a girl was abducted, coerced into conversion, and subsequently coerced into marriage. She should have a child by the time she turns 16 years old. How pitiful and awful it is that a child is carrying another child. How will the girl retain her health and contribution while going through such trauma?

To some extent, emotional health is disrupted, which leads to other psychological problems. What happens if the child is a girl? She will see her image and narrative.

The UN expert urged Pakistan's government to act right away to stop and fully examine these activities. "Coerced marriage and forced conversion are against Islamic law. Early on in a marriage, we frequently lack the maturity and patience necessary for a good union.

A girl's fundamental rights were taken away through child marriage. In the globe, Pakistan has the sixth-highest rate of girls getting married before becoming 18 years old. The situation in rural areas is terrible.

On the other side, despite the efforts of numerous NGOs, individuals are not cooperating. Girls' education should be prioritised, and many parents send their daughters to school, but by the seventh grade, the dropout rate had increased and the primary cause was that the girls had married.

The practice of child marriage is not new, and it is encouraged for a variety of reasons, such as deeply ingrained traditions and practises, poverty, a lack of understanding, limited access to education, and a lack of security.

We are in the 21st century but regrettably, we did not solve these urgent problems.

Sindh Child Marriages Restraint Act, 2013 (Act No. XV of 2014). Abstract/Citation: Prohibits the marriage of any child under the age of eighteen years old and provides penalties for a male contracting party, the person who solemnises the marriage as well as the parent or guardian concerned.

We can address the causes of child marriage and eliminate the problem. In place of a future husband, a girl must fantasise about her job.

After getting married, girls are sent to live with their husbands, taking on the roles of wife, housewife, and finally mother. These brand-new residences can be in another village or city. Due to the huge dowry given, husbands are frequently much older than the girls (and as a result, don't have many interests in them), and their new wives are expected to have children. Some of these areas may also be open to polygamy. The girls consequently feel abandoned, alone, and miserable.

A girl who marries as a young child will suffer from emotional stress, physical illness, and mental health difficulties, new born babies needs and mother's health.

The negative effects outweigh the beneficial ones by a wide margin. A preterm or low-birthweight new born is more likely to be delivered to moms under the age of 18 than to mothers over the age of 19. When the mother is under the age of 18, the infant death rate is 60% greater.


The writer is a columnist and researcher who has previously worked with Pakistan Daily.