Cape Monze Releases Songs By Wishaal And Honeyjamn

Cape Monze Releases Songs By Wishaal And Honeyjamn
Cape Monze is pleased to announce Misbah's newest single 'Udaas' featuring Nadir Shahzad:
Following up her first single Bezaar Nahi with Nadir Shahzad, Honeyjamn teams up with singer/songwriter Wishaal from Tarbooze while Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey aka Alien Panda Jury / Kukido takes on the producer's role for 'Gardish' Honeyjamn returns with 'Gardish' this Sunday May 28 2023.


Gardish is about the cyclical nature of our hopes and anguish as Pakistanis. The song is about the cynicism and helplessness that can develop in the face of a mess that is bigger than oneself, and how that can ultimately trap us in a self-perpetuating cycle.

Gardish was initially born from a feeling of guilt, for having left the country for the West, and abandoning all naive childhood plans to ʻserve Pakistanʼ. The first half of the song echoes uncertainty about questions that arise from this; How can I go ʻserveʼ a country where I donʼt even feel safe? Will I serve if I can barely survive? If I do go home, will I be brave enough to leave my bubble of privilege? Am I just a sell-out too? The chorus, sung by Wishaal, breaks through this tornado of thoughts with a simple message of hope and resilience, evoking community and empathy.

The second stanza of the song doubles down on a sense of betrayal, and traces the repetitive pattern of our troubles as a nation, new names - same old political games. In a hopeful turn of thoughts, it reveals that our gardishein often circle back to us as individuals, our potential for kindness and accountability; ʻJahan Malik Riaz, Shareef, Imran - Sabeen bhi hai, Parveen bhiʼ, referring to the legacies of Sabeen Mahmood and Parveen Rahman.

The song ends on an existential note, evoking Carl Sagans ʻpale blue dotʼ vibes, reminding us that we are all products of our social conditioning, and that we do ultimately have the potential to rewire our brains, to ask questions and to change.

To Honeyjamn's honest and real despair at the state of the country and the world at large, Wishaal brings her clarity and a vision for the future. While there exist serious threats to life as we know it, there is also a realisation dawning upon humanity: we have everything we need right here.

The artwork, made by Wishaal herself, reflects her belief that we, the artists of today, are the bringers of a new dawn. The act of receiving and nurturing a dream is the crucial first step towards a better tomorrow.