Attack By Female Suicide Bomber Kills One In Turbat

Attack By Female Suicide Bomber Kills One In Turbat
A suicide bombing attack is reported to have taken place in Turbat city of Balochistan's Kech district today (Saturday) afternoon. The terror attack occurred near the district commissioner's and deputy commissioner's offices.

Eyewitnesses say a female approached the road as a convoy of security vehicles was passing, and there was a loud explosion which caused damage to some of the vehicles. Following the blast, gunfire could also be heard in the area.

Additional contingents of security forces reached the blast site and cordoned it off. According to official sources, at least one police personnel was martyred and another policewoman was injured in the attack.

Meanwhile, the outlawed separatist Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing attack in Turbat city on Saturday. The BLA confirmed that the suicide bomber was a female, and identified her as Sumaiya Qalandrani Baloch.

The BLA claimed that the suicide bomber Sumaiya Baloch was part of their 'Majeed brigade' which is considered responsible for carrying out a spate of terror attacks across Balochistan.

The BLA had also claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing at the Confucius Institute of the Karachi University in late April 2022, which was carried out by Shari Baloch, another ethnic Baloch female.

Analysts postulate that the trend of deploying females as militants or suicide bombers would complicate the internal security landscape of a deeply religious and conservative Pakistan. As the country faces a rise in terror attacks, which some are blaming on the insecurity and chaos in Afghanistan, the Pakistani military and security forces are coming under increased pressure from violent non-state actors.