Such Gup

Such Gup

No Khan do

Sources say Sheeda Tully brought an interesting message to The Great Khan the other day. “They,” he said “would like an interim government of eight to nine months”, after the current one completes its term. He had come to seek The Khan’s approval. The Khan had the sense to consult some colleagues who advised against it. The reasoning was that while The Khan’s horde may welcome an extended “clean up”, who on earth would get “them” to depart on the promised date?

Man of the moment

If wags are to be believed, all manner of ambitious politicos and would-be caretakers are lining up for an audience with an important pa-in-law. The latter gent is said to be a reluctant host but for the sake of propriety, a few aspirants have had a cuppa and biscuits with pa-in-law. That’s enough for them to boast of a seat at the table.

Winning friends  

Just as The Man of Steel’s main backers’ fortunes in the Land of Sand have taken a turn for the worse, The Great Khan has been touring the Middle East trying to win friends and influence people. We hear his recent trip to an Emirate was successful and he was able to garner support and win pledges for funds. Sources say he is now planning a trip to the Land of Sand, previously The Man’s exclusive preserve, to break bread with SMB, otherwise known as “The Prince” a la Machiavelli.