Army Cannot Afford To Discount Imran Khan: Journalist Amir Zia

Army Cannot Afford To Discount Imran Khan: Journalist Amir Zia
Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar was taking a gamble by returning to Pakistan, journalist Amir Zia said on Saturday.

Zia made the comments while appearing in flagship Naya Daur TV show Khabar Say Aagay. He said Dar may have received a green light or believe that the ruling coalition was set to remain in power. Zia said the PML-N heavyweight had been unsure of returning to Pakistan in the preceding five months.

He said the crises the country was mired in would only end when political stability was enshrined. Zia said PTI chairman Imran Khan remained a darling of the masses despite the establishment, media and other political parties opposing him.

Zia said the military could not afford to discount Khan. He said the force had been trying to reach out to him. Zia said there was a probability of the military informing Khan about the conduct of general elections before August, 2023.

Columnist Muzamal Suharwardy said Khan's strategy had failed. He said the PTI chairman was under great pressure from his own MNAs on returning to Parliament. Khan, the columnist said, knew his bubble of popularity could burst any moment. He likened Khan to an individual who bit the very hand that fed him. He cited the vitriol the judiciary had to face from the PTI as an example of this despite having supported Khan.

The columnist said the PTI chairman now dwelled in political wilderness. He said Khan was struggling to find a way out of the quagmire. Clueless, Suharwardy said, he had been earlier too. The establishment got him as far it could in politics earlier, he said

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