No Bloodstains Or Fingerprints Found On Weapon, Claims IO In Noor Mukadam Case

No Bloodstains Or Fingerprints Found On Weapon, Claims IO In Noor Mukadam Case
The investigating officer in the Noor Mukadam murder trial has testified that prime accused Zahir Jaffer's fingerprints were not found on the murder weapon, nor did he have any bloodstains on his pants when he was detained. His statement has contradicted previous police reports.

The investigating officer, Inspector Sattar, added in his testimony that there were no eyewitnesses to the crime.  Statements from Zahir's neighbors and guards on the street were not recorded.  Footage from several CCTV cameras posted on the block were not seized, either.

Zahir's fingerprints were not detected on either the murder weapon, a knife, or a pistol also found on the scene, a report from Dawn indicated.

During cross-examination, Sattar said that the first floor of the crime scene, a house belonging to the Jaffer family, had not been 'fully' searched.  The hair sample, which was previously presumed to be Noor's, taken from the blade of a large knife was determined to be 'not suitable.'

Furthermore, the clothes and handbag Noor could be seen wearing in the grainy CCTV footage that did emerge were not found during the investigation.

During the trial, Zahir Jaffer did not move as he sat on the courtroom floor with his knees up and head down.

The testimony muddled what many believed to be conclusive evidence of Zahir Jaffer's guilt.  Zahir was arrested at the scene of the crime following the discovery of Noor's mutilated body at his family home.

The trial, as well, has devolved into what the presiding judge, Additional Sessions Judge Ata Rabbani, termed a 'drama,' with the primary accused often disrupting court proceedings with various displays the defense has been quick to proffer as evidence of his mental instability. The court has ruled him 'mentally and physically fit.'