Protest Erupts In Sargodha Over Alleged Sacrilegious Incident

The protesters broke into the alleged suspect's home, roughed him up and then proceeded to destroy the house and a workshop inside

Protest Erupts In Sargodha Over Alleged Sacrilegious Incident

A protest erupted in Sargodha on Saturday morning after a resident, a member of the minority community, was accused by some of having performed a sacrilegious act.

The enraged protesters forced their way into the Mujahid Colony house, where they beat up the accused and proceeded to destroy property, including his home and torch the small shoe workshop which had been set up.

As the situation became tense, a large contingent of police was deputed in the area to tackle the growing mob.

Police officers in uniform and plain clothes managed to spirit away the injured suspect in an ambulance. 

As the mob grew, the Khushab district police officer, the regional police officer, and members of the local peace committee rushed to the area to help restore order. A heavy contingent of armed police marched through the streets to dispel the protesters and show force.

RPO Sharique Kamal Siddiqui said they had transferred the injured man to the hospital.

He added that the protesters had pelted the police with rocks. As a result, multiple officers sustained injuries. However, he said that police managed to disperse the protesters and restore order.

RPO Siddiqui further claimed that they had arrested some people believed to have instigated the protest.