Iffat Omar, Ali Zafar Get Into Twitter Spat Over Defamation Case

Iffat Omar, Ali Zafar Get Into Twitter Spat Over Defamation Case
Pakistani actress Iffat Omar and singer Ali Zafar exchange heated arguments on social media over the defamation case filed by the latter against singer Meesha Shafi.

Back in April 2018, Meesha Shafi took to social media to publicly accuse Ali Zafar of repeatedly harassing her sexually. However, Ali Zafar refuted the accusations and filed a defamation case against Meesha Shafi.

Rumors circulated following a recent case hearing that Shafi "confessed to making a false statement."To which, Iffat Omar, on Twitter, responded to the reports, saying "fake news alert."


Soon after Iffat Omar's tweet, Ali Zafar accused him of requesting that media outlets not publish or broadcast court proceedings and that show organizers not hire him for performances.


"It has come to my knowledge that [Iffat Omar] who was "found guilty" in the FIA’s report for smearing me and is on camera admitting harassing an older colleague, has been calling up publications not to post court proceedings and organisers not to hire me. Enough is enough."

Iffat Omar responded to the allegations and, as a result, accused Ali Zafar of making concocted stories, challenging him to prove the accusations in court.


After which, Ali Zafar said that those "you’ve been calling to intimidate and bully will come in court to testify against you."


Upon which, Iffat Omar replied: "Bring it on loser."


Then Ali Zafar threatened Iffat Omar, saying he would post footage of her being "confronted in court along with other stuff that's part of the record" if she persisted in bullying and harassing him.


Later, Ali Zafar said that Omar had upset the women in his family and his father, whom he claimed had shielded her from harassment while she was a university student.


The actress then claimed that Ali Zafar's father had "called her to get things mended."


Iffat Omar and Ali Zafar arguments triggered a debate on social media, with some users supporting the actress while others sided with the singer.