Russia-Ukraine War Needs To Be De-escalated

Russia-Ukraine War Needs To Be De-escalated
China is showing more willingness to play a leading role in negotiating peace between traditionally rival countries. Evidence of this geopolitical paradigm shift was clear when China played a key role in bringing Saudi Arabia and Iran closer to the point that both countries are opening up their diplomatic missions and Iran has invited the Saudi King to visit the country.

These events are conveying the clear message that China is steadfastly taking the seat of international mediator to resolve the most pressing issues the world has faced for many decades. If China is successful in brokering some kind of peace deal between Israel and Palestine, that would entirely change the world’s power dynamics and will certainly transform the swivel of the global landscape which for many years has only revolved around the United States and its allies.

This increased Chinese influence is a catalyst for Pakistan’s well-being as a country, which is currently struggling to mend a huge number of crises and challenges, including political instability and financial breakdown threat.

What is more significant is the unwavering support China provides to Pakistan as one remembers back in 2010, in the times of Barack Obama’s presidency one Chinese diplomat responded to a remark by his US counterpart about supporting Pakistan with these blunt words “Pakistan is our Israel.”

Currently, the Pakistan Army Chief is visiting China to strengthen military to military cooperation that balances the power equation in the region.

On the front of the Russia-Ukraine war, there seems to be a method to this madness. After the pandemic, things have not settled down for the world, and even after more than a year since Russia invaded neighboring Ukraine, it appears that there is more effort being put into fanning the flames rather than to extinguish the fire of the escalation towards nuclear war. In a recent overture however, the Chinese President also stressed the need for talks and offered to play the role of a facilitator if Russia and Ukraine come to the table; China also reiterated that it wants to avoid a nuclear conflict in the region.

The world powers which matter are on a path of self-destruction and the United Nations has been rendered feeble. Things are continuously escalating, especially after the Chinese president’s trip to Russia. Ukrainian civilians are fleeing the war zone and migrating to other countries, including a significant number reaching Canada. Host countries are trying to provide as much support as possible, putting their own people in a difficult situation.

The recent announcement of the deployment of nuclear weapons is a very dangerous development. Since 1990, Russia has not deployed nuclear weapons outside its own boundaries. The United States and NATO are clearly on a collision course with Russia and China and the net result of this collision would be catastrophic for the rest of the world.

UN member countries should quickly act and convene either a Security Council meeting or a full UN emergency session to not only deescalate the worsening situation, but also try to find diplomatic means to put a complete stop to this war mongering before the world falls into another huge cataclysm.