Atleast 20 Protesters Arrested In Gwadar

Atleast 20 Protesters Arrested In Gwadar
Gwadar police arrested over 20 protestors of ‘Haq Do Tehreek’ (HDT) during the early hours of Monday morning, to clear the Gwadar East Expressway and keep the protest from reaching the city port.

Earlier, HDT leader Maulana Hidayatur Rehman, while addressing protestors on Marine Drive road, said, “We are giving one hour to the administration to release our 26 prisoners, including leader Hussain Wadila, or else the administration and the government will be responsible for the [resulting] situation.”

Gwadar Deputy Commissioner Izzat Nazeer Baloch said that an operation was conducted at 4am local time on early Monday morning, and among those arrested was a senior leader of the protestors identified as Hussain Wadila.

However, protests continued well into Monday, and mobile phone services in Gwadar were intermittently shut down.

On Monday, protests appeared to spiral put of control as clashes between security forces and protesters took place in Gwadar.

Arbitrary detention of HDT protesters in other cities of Balochistan were also reported.

Among the protestors’ demands were stopping illegal fishing by trawlers in Balochistan’s maritime boundaries, recovery of missing persons, maximum concessions in border trade with Iran, end to narcotics, and other Gwadar-related issues.

The latest series of sit-ins and protests began on 27 October, a year after HDT emerged and started holding similar rallies.

Meanwhile, Balochistan Minister for Home Affairs Mir Ziaullah Langove told the media that 18 protesters were arrested.

He said democratic protest was everyone’s right and the provincial government’s policy was to “negotiate wherever there is a protest”.