Such Gup

Such Gup


It appears that the authorities are finally girding up their loins to arrest that Touch-Me-Not, the Burqa Avenger of Isloo’s Red Mosque. Mr Bean, head honcho of interior matters, has tried hard to keep Touch-Me-Not off the hook on one pretext or the other but matters have come to a head with the gent sticking to his guns, defiant to the end.

Smoking guns

While that poor model’s trials and tribulations continue, for attempting to sneak half a million dollars out of Pak, a hush has descended on the whole matter for obvious reasons. Someone high and mighty is involved, for whom the young woman was courier. That same personage contrived to block off her iPhone the minute she was arrested at Islamabad airport. We don’t need any smoking guns, do we?

Posting bail

A hugely wealthy tycoon hailing from Karachi but now located in the Gulf, had made an interesting offer to the Quaid-e-Qiwam some months back. “I’ll post your bail”, he’d offered, “should the need arise”. We’ve now heard that the tycoon has reconsidered his offer because he doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of General Bobby and his boys.

On the ready

We’ve heard the Lone Rangers had made thorough preparations before embarking on that famous raid of Nine Zero and other related locales in the city by the sea. Our mole saw that they were accompanied by cameramen with videos on the ready to film the entire proceedings. This was so that allegations of manhandling and brutality during the raids could be refuted if need be.