What Is The Message From Leaked Videos Of Politicians Coming To Light?

What Is The Message From Leaked Videos Of Politicians Coming To Light?
ISLAMABAD: There are many instances in the history of Pakistan where videos of the private lives of politicians, judges and others are brought to light at a certain time to discredit them. This is done not merely to discredit them in society, but to increase the pressure on them to achieve political goals. Before the 2018 general elections, more than 20 such private activities were videotaped in the bedroom of a Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) activist and member of parliament. He was thereafter blackmailed into joining the ruling party ۔

Similarly, Accountability Court Judge Arshad Malik was also blackmailed by making videos of his private life.

According to political commentators, videos of the private lives of politicians, judges and others are made public at certain times and are always motivated by political or financial motives.

An alleged video of the private life of Muhammad Zubair, a senior leader of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and former governor of Sindh, has surfaced. It has been widely shared on mainstream and social media.

Reacting to the alleged video, Mohammad Zubair said, “This is not politics but a new low and the video is fake and edited. Everyone involved has done a very bad and shameful thing.”

Meanwhile, a petition has been filed in the City Court Police Station of Karachi against Zubair on the basis of this video. According to details, the petition has been filed by the lawyers in Karachi City Court police station. The petition takes the position that he misused his former position as Governor of Sindh, which is a crime and should be punished. The petition has been filed in a Karachi court by advocates Mazhar and Ijaz Jatoi, seeking an inquiry into the video leak case.

Awami National Party (ANP) Information Secretary Zahid Khan, speaking to Naya Daur Media, said that the release of private videos is a disgrace to Pakistani politics, where efforts have always been made to discredit politics and politicians. He further said that private videos have nothing to do with politics and the purpose is to openly defame and target their political stature in the society. Zahid Khan further said that if these videos are to be justified and someone's character is to be discredited, then many videos of the present Prime Minister Imran Khan could also come to light and their use similarly justified by those seeking to fulfil their political goals. He added: “The party and I have always been of the view that private lives should not be dragged into politics.”

Further, in his view, “There are constant video scandals in this government, but let me tell you that with such videos you can neither achieve any success on the foreign or the domestic front, nor can you get off the FATF Gray List. It is more necessary to fix the economy: so focus on the people and the country instead of video scandals to interfere in people's lives.”

Meanwhile, Geo News-affiliated journalist Azaz Syed, reacting to the video of former Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair, said that only politicians in Pakistan are defamed by such acts and the conspirators are always hidden.