Police Will Crackdown On New Year Night Festivities In Lahore, Karachi

Police Will Crackdown On New Year Night Festivities In Lahore, Karachi
Police have announced increased security measures for New Year’s Eve festivities in Karachi and Lahore, including a ban on aerial firing and one-wheeling.

In a statement issued by the Karachi police spokesperson, it has been announced that a dedicated team will be patrolling the city for aerial firings and citizens have been told to report any incidents to police.  Citizens have been asked to send complaints, including recorded videos, to 0343-5142770 or share information on the 15 police helpline.

Meanwhile in Lahore,  Police Operations Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Abid Khan will deploy over 5,000 police personnel across the city on New Year’s Eve.  He assured that those caught in unlawful behavior, including hooliganism or disrupting the peace, would be jailed for the night.

Public service announcements will be broadcast from mosques urging citizens to remain safe and peaceful, as well as special initiatives at major public intersections and roads in Lahore. Plain-clothed police personnel from the Dolphin Squad and the Police Response Unit and Elite Force will also be on patrol.

The DIG will be monitoring social media for any videos of aerial firing, one-wheeling, or other unlawful behavior.

Across Punjab, Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) Rao Sardar Ali Khan informed of an intensified crackdown on firework manufacturers across the province, including raids of wholesale markets in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Gurjanwala and Faislabad. He requested that citizens report illegal manufacturing or selling of fireworks to the 15 helpline.