Nomination Papers Of Umer Dar's Mother, Wife Rejected For Concealing Assets

RO determines that Dar's mother failed to disclose the ownership of a property and pay dues of her listed firm while her sister-in-law concealed assets of her husband, Umer Dar

Nomination Papers Of Umer Dar's Mother, Wife Rejected For Concealing Assets

The nomination papers of former PTI leader Usman Dar's mother and sister-in-law have been rejected by the election authorities for allegedly concealing assets.

The candidates can appeal the decision of the election authorities.

Usman Dar's mother, Rehana Imtiaz Dar, and Umer Dar's wife, Ruba Umar, had filed their nomination papers to contest from NA-71 Sialkot through an agent. 

However, the returning officer for the constituency noted material discrepancies during the scrutiny of their nomination papers while objections were also filed.

In the case of Dar's mother, Rehana Imtiaz Dar, the RO noted that per the Directorate of Social Security of the Small Industrial Estate Sialkot, her firm VIP Wears, Raheem Pur Khichain Sialkot was a defaulter of Rs412,200 from July 2022 to June 30, 2023. The RO said that Rehana was listed as one of the owners and had declared them in the documents submitted along with nomination papers.

The second objection against her was of concealing assets. The RO noted in the decision that while Rehana Imtaiz Dar had claimed she did not have an immovable property to her name, objections filed by Naseer Ahmad claimed that she owned a property in Gohad Pur. Cross-referencing the objection unveiled that Rehana Imtiaz Dar owns a 10-marla property in Mohaal Gohad Pur of Sialkot. 

The RO determined that the omission of this property in the nomination papers reflected the candidate's intent to conceal material information.

Since the candidate ignored mandatory requirements of the law, her nomination papers were rejected, the RO decided.

In the case of Umer Dar's wife, Ruba Umar, the RO's decision stated that despite having three children, her nomination papers did not list any offspring or dependents.

Moreover, she listed her husband as one of the owners of Dar International Raheem Pur Khichain Sialkot. However, records show that the firm has defaulted on its payments to the Small Industrial Estate Sialkot Directorate of Social Security with an outstanding sum of Rs201,900.

Further, an objection was filed claiming that she had concealed her husband's ownership of a 10-marla house in Mohaal Gohad Pur of Sialkot. The objection was also filed by a voter of the constituency, Naseer Ahmad.

Further, Ruba Umer was found to have concealed assets of her husband, Umar Dar, including a sports utility vehicle (SUV). Further, Umer Dar was found to be a defaulter of GEPCO, having failed to pay a bill worth Rs18,619.

The RO decided that since Ruba had concealed Dar International and its defaulter status, it failed to mention three children and disclosed other assets. Hence her nomination papers were rejected under Section 62(9)(c) of the Elections Act 2017.