Second Iteration Of Imran Khan's Foreign Conspiracy Cypher Audio Surfaces

Second Iteration Of Imran Khan's Foreign Conspiracy Cypher Audio Surfaces
An audio of an alleged four-way coversation featuring Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) heavyweights including chairman Imran Khan surfaced on Friday.

The PTI chairman can be heard saying that the foreign secretary should be discreetly directed to author minutes of the cypher long cited as evidence by Khan of a foreign plot to oust him from power. The directive, he says, would be handed out at a meeting between senior bureaucrat Azam Khan, then foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and himself.

"Azam is saying photocopies of the minutes can be retained," Khan can be heard saying. The PTI chairman can be heard directing those partaking in the conversation: former planning minister Asad Umar, Qureshi and Azam to remain mum on the United States. "This is an election issue. Not a word," Khan directs.

The former planning minister can be then heard remarking that Khan had been using the term "letter" deliberately. "It is actually the transcript of a meeting," he says.

"They are one and the same thing," Khan responds. "The people won't understand what a transcript is. Such language -- letter for transcript --is routinely employed for public consumption.

Khan claimed earlier on Wednesday that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was behind the leak of a purported audio of his conversation with bureaucrat Azam Khan on a cypher long cited by the PTI chairman as evidence of an international conspiracy to oust him from office.

“Shehbaz Sharif and all are behind this leak,” Khan told journalists. He welcomed the leak sardonically saying it bode well. “They have done a great job,” he said. Asked to clarify by what he meant by his use of the term “play” in the audio, Khan said he was yet to commence his “innings”.

In the recording, the former PM can be allegedly heard directing his principal secretary on how what needed to be done was just “play” on the cypher. “All we need to do is play on this cypher,” he can allegedly be heard saying.

The development follows in the wake of audio recordings of PM Shehbaz in conversation with senior government functionaries on Sunday.