Red Communication Arts - Celebrated On The Global Stage

Red Communication Arts - Celebrated On The Global Stage
Press Release

Dubai, March 25, 2022 – RED Communication Arts has been recognized for its game-changing creativity and forward-thinking leadership with two awards at the Marketing 2.0 Conference. The Agency has secured the Best Companies Award and its CEO and Founder Sabene Saigol has received the Outstanding Leadership Award.

The Marketing 2.0 Conference spotlights the latest innovations and breakthroughs in the marketing and advertising industry. For the category “Best Companies Award,” Marketing 2.0 nominated RED Communication Arts for their outstanding creativity, accomplishments and endorsements from clients and peers. For the “Outstanding Leadership Award” Marketing 2.0 chose Sabene Saigol for her business acumen, creative flair and efforts to pave a new path for the future of advertising in Pakistan.

An affiliate of Publicis Groupe, RED Communication Arts with Sabene Saigol at the helm, has been delivering disruptive creative solutions to the industry for over 26 years. Having acquired numerous awards over the years, RED Communication Arts remains at the forefront of ground-breaking advertising in Pakistan.

Sabene Saigol, CEO and Founder of RED Communication Arts says, “Today we remain committed as ever to the brand and the belief that: there is not a brand problem that creativity cannot solve, because the problem is always finite but the solution is only limited by our creativity.”

About RED Communication Arts

In 1996, RED Communication Arts began as an agency with a new belief. A belief that contemporary advertising and communications seemed to be losing touch with: the power of ideas. What began as a small, tightly woven creative and strategic hub, soon became one of Pakistan’s largest agencies. Today, RED Communication Arts is an affiliate of Publicis Groupe and leads communications for an impressive client portfolio with a multitude of brands and across multiple industries.