Ban On Screening Barbie in Pakistani Cinema Lifted

Ban On Screening Barbie in Pakistani Cinema Lifted
The Punjab film censor board on Tuesday finally cleared the Warner Bros. movie, "Barbie", for screening in cinemas across the province, Punjab Caretaker Information and Culture Minister Aamir Mir confirmed.

The clearance comes over ten days after it was due to be released.

Mir said that the film had been cleared after Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi asked the full board of the Punjab film censors to review the movie.

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The full board, led by chairman Tauqir Nasir, watched the film and noted their concerns.

The board recommended censoring objectionable content and cleared it for screening.

Soon "Barbie" will be released in all cinemas of the province, Mir said.

The film was due to hit cinemas on July 21 in a weekend blockbuster that also saw the release of Christopher Nolan's dark biopic, "Oppenheimer".

The combination was dubbed "Barbenheimer" and saw fans queue up to watch the movies. Many cinephiles were seen exiting one movie only to head into the cinemas again to catch the other movie.

However, when fans in Punjab arrived at cinemas to watch "Barbie", they were turned away because the censor board had refused to clear it and had asked the producers to revise the version due to be screened in Pakistan after raising certain objections on content.

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Censors stated that if a revised copy addressing their concerns is submitted for review, it would be cleared.

Subsequently, Naqvi directed the entire provincial censor board to review the movie.

It is pertinent to note here that "Barbie" was cleared to play in both Sindh and Islamabad, and it was only stopped from playing in Punjab.