'We Are With Imran Khan': Pervez Elahi

'We Are With Imran Khan': Pervez Elahi
The PML Q Punjab Chief Minister Chaudhry Pervez Elahi has said that he stands with the PTI Chairman Imran Khan as they stand united as a coalition provincial government against the PML N led federal government.

After Imran Khan called off his long march last week, he mulled over dissolving the provincial governments in KPK and Punjab, in particular.

While some members of the PTI have expressed support, there are some lawmakers in the party who are reluctant to give up their seats due to ongoing projects in their constituencies.

On Monday the PML N had called meetings to discuss their options in case the dissolutions were to take place but the idea of snap polls was rejected.

Today the PML Q Chief Minister Of Punjab expressed his loyalty to the PTI Chairman and said if the situation arises with Imran Khan issues the order, he would not think for a moment and dissolve the Punjab Assembly.