Red Sea Film Festival: Ranveer Singh Meets His ‘Idol’ Johnny Depp 

Several pictures from the event have gone viral on the internet, including one where Ranveer Singh can be seen posing with Johnny Depp.

Red Sea Film Festival: Ranveer Singh Meets His ‘Idol’ Johnny Depp 

Ranveer Singh is now attending the Red Sea Film Festival, where he was recognized for his contributions to the film industry. The third edition of the festival began with the world premiere of the fantasy film HWJN, directed by Yasir Al-Yasiri, a Dubai-based director.

Famous celebrities from all around the world attended the magnificent red carpet event, including Will Smith, Sharon Stone, Baz Luhrmann, Ranveer Singh, and numerous major Arabic stars.

Sharon expressed her respect for Ranveer before calling him onto the stage to receive the award. She acknowledged having met him earlier and described him as a nice man who is genuinely a creative genius.

Upon accepting the honour, Ranveer extended gratitude to his supporters for their abundant affection. He said, “Wow, one of my screen idols is in the house. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Johnny Depp My good sir, I’ve followed your work since Edward Scissorhands and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. What an honour to receive this in your presence! Thank you for everything that you’ve unknowingly taught me about the craft, sir. Master of transformation, versatility, something in that... I’m inspired by you.”

Several photos from the occasion, including one of Ranveer Singh posing with Johnny Depp, have gone viral on the internet. In their all-black ensembles, they both looked handsome.