Parvez Elahi Arrested In Lahore After Several Botched Attempts

Parvez Elahi Arrested In Lahore After Several Botched Attempts
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf president Parvez Elahi was arrested in Lahore on Thursday in wake of the May 9 violent riots, after several botched attempts to take him into custody.

The reports in the media suggest that the former PML-Q stalwart was taken into custody from near his residence in Lahore by the provincial anti-corruption authority.

Sources say that Parvez Elahi was in his vehicle when he was intercepted by police, and taken away by anti-corruption officials in another car.

A heavy contingent of police had been surrounding Elahi's residence for the past several days, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, the PTI president's spokesperson also confirmed his arrest, while further details are yet to be ascertained.

It is pertinent to mention here that the anti-corruption court dismissed a plea today by Parvez Elahi for an interim bail after his failure to appear for the hearing.

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The court separately heard two cases carrying corruption charges and the former PML-Q leader did not make an appearance reportedly due to not being well.

Last month, police conducted raids at his residences in Lahore and Gujrat. Twelve people, largely PML-Q workers, were taken into custody on the occasion by the anti-corruption and police authorities, who had used an armored truck to smash open the gates of one of his residences.

While the authorities had been attempting to make the arrest over corruption charges, their action has intensified in a bid to nab PTI leaders and workers for their alleged role in the violent May 9 unrest.

Riots broke out in multiple cities as PTI workers engaged in scuffles with law enforcers after Imran Khan’s arrest from the Islamabad High Court premises last month.

The party had called for protests shortly after the arrest, with people taking to the streets and blocking the thoroughfares.