Measured response


Even though Prime Minister Imran Khan speech came a bit late, he responded well to Indian propaganda. He said it is easy to start a war but no one can predict when and how it will end.

This address came at a time came when tensions between the two neighbours are on the rise, following the attack in Indian-administered Kashmir’s Pulwama, where more than 40 personnel of Indian security forces were killed in a militant attack.

It is time that India realised that use of force is not a right solution to the Kashmir issue. If force were to serve any good, it would have done so by now. Kashmir has been an unsettled agenda since before Partition and can only be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy.

Indians are blaming Pakistan for orchestrating the attack. I think the prime minister was justified in asking India to provide evidence instead of blaming Pakistan. There is a lot of warmongering going on — from politicians to celebrities — who are airing their anger on social media.

I think this is the time to sit down and have talks instead of going to war which would lead to destruction.

I hope Narendra Modi stops using Pakistan-bashing as a strategy to win the general elections in India. Otherwise people will begin to believe the Palwama incident was staged by the Indian government and its media to put the blame on Pakistan to win the sympathies of Indian voters in the upcoming elections.

Muhammmad Akhtar,


Housing project


The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) government announced its intention to build 5 million houses for citizens who do not own any. This is a huge undertaking that involves many stakeholders like builders, banks, financial institutions and the federal and provincial governments. For the scheme’s successful implementation, the House Building Finance Corporation expertise must be solicited. The HBFC is a state-run institution in housing finance with more than 60 years of experience. The government should utilise this experience as a loan-disbursing agency. For the HBFC to play a successful role, the government should bring structural and administrative reforms in the corporation.

Tariq Mahmood,


Water crisis


Gwadar is a regional hub of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). However, for the last few years, it has been facing many problems due to acute shortage of water.

With a population of 263,514, the area still has no access to safe drinking water and residents are compelled to buy water, which is expensive and a drain on their resources. Those who cannot afford to purchase water are compelled to walk long distances, carrying buckets and jars full of water to their houses. The government has also failed to supply water via desalination plants.

This is extremely unfortunate because more than 120 countries operate desalination plants by using seawater.

I request Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Balochistan government and the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on CPEC Senator Mushahid Hussain to provide the basic facilities to the inhabitants of Gwadar by setting up a desalination plant.

Faisal Safdar,


Cheating in CSS


Sometimes I cannot understand how deeply entrenched corruption has become in our system. Just imagine, all our government departments have been damaged due to corruption. I wonder how people who damage these departments for personal benefits live with themselves.

Just recently we heard the news FIA arrested two officers of the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) who were selling CSS question papers before the examination. CSS exams are currently being held in 19 cities across the country, including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar.

This paper-selling mafia has been operating since long. Just imagine how many incompetent CSS officers have passed this exam by spending few thousand rupees. How do you expect honesty and competency from such officers? It is my request to the FIA to launch a thorough investigation and take action against those who were responsible for selling and buying these exams.

Adil Jan,


Love Trump


For the past few months, unnecessary arguments and inappropriate controversies have been shrouding the USA. President Donald Trump has been facing a lot of criticism from within the country. Now there is talk about a shutdown and a border wall security.

I don’t know why the certain people are always crying wolf over Trump and his every action. Personally, I have been a great supporter of American Right from my schooldays. In fact, no one can dispute this fact that the USA has long been a great source of inspiration in all spheres and on all the fronts of life.

As an elected president, Trump has the right to do what he wants to do. The USA is the energy machine in the world today. The international community should love America in the best interests of all the countries. The USA has been the hubs of beauty, great knowledge, inspiration, agriculture, science and powerful technology. It is time for others to give support and love to Donald Trump in building America and making it stronger than before.

Riaz Janjua,


Education and MBS


Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman’s visit to Pakistan will definitely lead to economic prosperity. I think his visit also bodes well for our foreign policy. After this visit, no one can say Pakistan is not in position to host world leaders.

During this visit, the crown prince made a trade deal and also committed to a great deal of foreign investment. Pakistan is being helped by one of her closest allies and this help will create favourable conditions for development. However, we must not forget that any sort of development, whether social or economic, cannot be achieved without promoting education.

Education is not only a fundamental right but also improves people’s creativity and productivity. The government should realise that it is their duty to act on their promises and provide better opportunities for education. This should be their main agenda when making any kind of deal with any foreign government.

Rania Arshad,


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