Imran Threatens Mass Agitation If Assemblies Not Dissolved On May 14

Imran Threatens Mass Agitation If Assemblies Not Dissolved On May 14
PTI chairman Imran Khan on Monday made it clear his party won't fall into the trap of the government to delay Punjab elections, saying the workers will take to the streets if the SC orders on poll were violated.

Addressing PTI’s 'May Day' rally in Lahore, Imran announced to approach the apex court for elections 'in case the government did not dissolve the "rest of the assemblies" by May 14.

According to him, it is the only way for the elections to be conducted across the country concurrently.

The PTI chief said if the government refuses to fulfil this demand, violates apex court's verdict on Punjab polls, defies the Chief Justice and fellow judges, then "I want to say the PTI will come out on streets and we will bring the nation out with us".

He warned "thieves and their handlers" that his supporters will get the rule of law established, and asked PTI workers to prepare for the 'Haqeeqi Azadi' battle.

The former premier reiterated that the government is running away from polls because it fears a defeat and wants to dismantle him politically.

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Two days ago (April 29), Imran confirmed that PTI’s team comprising Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Fawad Chaudhry will be resuming dialogue with the government’s representative on May 2.

"We are ready for joint elections if you are ready to dissolve the assemblies by May 14. If you are not then the Supreme Court has already ordered Punjab elections on May 14 and afterwards, we are going to the apex court for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa elections".

Imran had made it clear that “it will be a national election and we are ready for it. It is the only way that stability can be achieved, the economy will improve and the conditions of the people will transform.”

The former premier said that he saw malice behind the government’s intention to hold the polls after the budget.

He made it clear that any attempt to dissolve the assemblies after the budget will be “unacceptable” for the PTI.