Iqrar Ul Hassan Terms Imran Riaz Khan Liar Once Again

Iqrar Ul Hassan Terms Imran Riaz Khan Liar Once Again
Anchorperson Iqrar Ul Hassan has called journalist and YouTuber Imran Riaz Khan a liar once again. Iqrar Ul Hasan tweeted that whenever Imran Riaz’s propaganda is caught, he merely gives a mild clarification. Research should be done before posting a headline or tweet, Iqrar suggested.

Iqrar Ul Hassan mentioned that Imran Riaz shared more than twenty false tweets and more than ten false videos within a month. "Then Imran Riaz said that I used to research the news that the army used to give me," he added. This is what you call research, he questioned.

On April 11, 2023, journalist Imran Riaz Khan and TV show host Iqrar-ul-Hassan engaged in a bitter Twitter war after the former posted certain content on the microblogging website.

It began as Khan allegedly shared a number of inaccurate news items on Twitter, including old videos and clippings, during the past few weeks.

The oddity was pointed out by some netizens, but it caught the spotlight after Iqrar posted an elaborate video, highlighting the flaws in Khan’s posts.

Iqrar is said to have quoted at least 15 tweets posted on Khan’s Twitter handle, to substantiate his point.

According to Iqrar, if the journalist realized his sharing of non-factual information at some point in time, he should have tendered an apology.

But the video provoked a swift rebuke from the journalist. Without naming him, Khan announced to block him on the social media platform.

Before doing so, the journalist called the Sar-e-Aam presenter a 'mental patient'. "My friends had advised me to avoid him completely," he said, adding that "they were right."

In the same tweet, he admitted to having a liking for Iqrar’s work in the past, but lamented, "that effort stands wasted."

Both Khan and Iqrar have a massive fan following, so netizens advised them to avoid a confrontation.

They also said that the TV presenter did criticize Khan, but he did not resort to the use of foul or abusive language, something that is commonplace nowadays.

Some Twitter users thought that it would have been wise for Khan to not block Iqrar to keep the possibility of reconciliation alive.

Many saw the online brawl as a reason for the fans of both personalities to engage in a fight.

The political divisions in the country have pushed many to engage in abusive, insulting, and defamatory campaigns against each other.