'Saqib Nisar And Some Former Army DGs Are Actively Working For PTI'

'Saqib Nisar And Some Former Army DGs Are Actively Working For PTI'
Former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar stands exposed now with his back-to-back audio leaks, and so is his son.

The group representing the PTI includes Nisar as well as some former director-generals of military. They too, need their link with the former ruling party intact in case they get in trouble in the days ahead, says Mubasher Bukhari.

The journalist told Khabar Say Aagay host Raza Rumi that the ruling coalition will conduct elections, but they seem to be working on a strategy to keep the arch-rivals confused to bar them from an effective polling campaign.

According to reporter Shahbaz Mian, the government is trying to put into play a number of tactics so it could avoid elections, and it would continue to do so in the days ahead.

Journalist Aijaz Ahmad opined that the phone hacking is a violation of one's privacy, but those who are making decisions behind closed doors should be exposed.

Murtaza Solangi said that it seems that the provincial assemblies will be reinstated and PTI will return to the National Assembly so that they can have a say in appointing the next caretaker prime minister.

Earlier today, PTI chairman Imran Khan made it clear that his party will not fall into the government's trap to delay Punjab elections, saying the workers will take to the streets if SC orders on polls were violated.

Addressing PTI’s ‘May Day’ rally in Lahore, Imran announced to approach the apex court for elections in case the government did not dissolve the “rest of the assemblies” by May 14.

According to him, it is the only way for the elections to be conducted across the country concurrently.

The PTI chief said if the government refuses to fulfil this demand, then “I want to say that we will come out on streets and we will bring the nation out with us”.

The former premier reiterated that the government is running away from polls because it fears a defeat and wants to dismantle him politically.

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